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Who is Adirondack Insurance Exchange?

We are a full-service property-casualty insurance company focused exclusively on New York customers and their insurance needs. We partner with local independent insurance agents to offer New Yorkers innovative insurance products at affordable rates.

As an Adirondack Insurance Exchange member you own a stake in your insurance company and gain special benefits you won't find with traditional insurers, including roadside assistance, financial tools, identity theft resolution services, access to travel assistance and more!

Adirondack Insurance Exchange is managed by an Attorney-in-Fact, Adirondack AIF, LLC. Adirondack AIF is an indirectly wholly owned subsidiary of National General Holdings Corp.

Why choose Adirondack Insurance Exchange?

Adirondack Insurance Exchange offers customized insurance coverage, world-class service and many special member benefits – all exclusive to New Yorkers.

We are committed to providing an exceptional experience to each Adirondack Insurance Exchange member. Your exceptional experience includes insurance protection customized to fit your unique needs. We offer home and auto policies and a convenient package policy which combines all of your property and liability protection on one bill. We also offer coverage for personal watercrafts, jewelry, fine arts and more.

The Value of an Independent Agent

Adirondack Insurance Exchange sells insurance through a network of select New York independent agents. Our agents will work side by side with you to provide the advice, local expertise and personalized service you deserve.

Your independent agent will help you make the best decisions about your coverage and seek out the best product for you, with the best value. Your independent agent is your strongest advocate, and you can be assured you are getting personal, fair and fast attention in handling all of your insurance needs. Your agent is there to protect your interests, and to support you. If you suffer a loss, your agent will work with us to resolve your claim.

Adirondack Insurance Exchange partners only with select New York independent agents who are committed to your best interests.